Women and Adventure

Today is International Women’s Day and while the rest of the world marvels about the varied achievements of women, I’d like to simply share some links to sources of inspiration for women interested in adventure.  I’ve already shared a bit here about Grandma Gatewood and on my sailing blog I’ve talked about Beryl Smeeton from time to time.  At any point in life, it is always beneficial to be inspired by the great women who are undertaking great things.

The Wikipedia entry for “list of female explorers and travelers” is really a place to start looking for a lot of inspiration. I, like many girls, grew up with images of Amelia Earhart flying as a big inspiration for women and adventure.  Growing up, I also was lucky enough to be inspired by a friend, Edith Berthoux, a retired missionary who had lived in Indonesia prior to WWII, who helped my own desire for adventure to grow and who taught me to set my goals and hold the course to achieve them. Today’s notable inspirations for adventurous women include National Geographic Adventurers of the Year (2015) Surfer Liz Clark as well as (2014) adventurer Sarah Marquis. 

If you take a look at these women adventurers–and others–in any depth at all, what you will find are people with persistence.  These women keep going and pushing their travels into an epic adventure when the average person would say “too hard, adventure done, that was fun, now it’s hard, now let me move onto something else.”  Be inspired by them to make your own epic.  I am.

Liz Clark on Swell photo by M. Clark
Liz Clark on Swell

Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart.

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