Meet “Chasing Shadows” athlete and HH Ambassador Øystein Aasheim

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As part of this year’s Warren Miller production “Chasing Shadows” we asked HH ambassador Øystein Aasheim to share some memories from filming in Alaska;

“Just as we arrived in Cordova, it started snowing, and did so for almost two days straight. I don´t think I´ve ever been as excited as I was at that point; on my first trip to Alaska, and it seemed to never stop snowing. Eventually, the weather cleared, and we flew up into the Chugach to set up camp. The whole day went by walking around with powder to our waists, stamping out places and setting up all the tents, getting in all our gear and supplies for a whole week. As we tucked in, for our first night in the Chugach Mountains, the wind started howling. It was blowing all night, and when we woke up all the snow had been moved around, making the conditions pretty sketchy. Although it was windy, the sun was out, so we were skiing every day. Skinning out of camp, looking for pockets of good snow and safe ridges. And on the storm days we took some soul turns one the Homenknoll, just behind our tents.

Then the wind was gone, and it was on. Long, steep Alaska lines. Like the ones you see in movies … and on my very first line, I crashed halfway down a ridge. I picked up too much speed, and couldn’t bring it back down. I don’t know what I was thinking; I don’t like thinking in the first place, but I remember smiling. I had just crashed on my first big line in Alaska, but I couldn’t help but smile. I was having the time of my life. Every day was a new adventure, exploring the Chugach.

Almost two weeks flew by up in the mountains, before we headed back down to civilization. And damn, was that shower good. Thank you, Kaylin, Marcus, Tom, Niel, Wes, Jeff, Brennan and Sverre. I could not have asked for better company.”

Øy. Aasheim

See Øystein Aasheims athlete profile for Chasing Shadows:

(Source: Warren Miller Entertainment)


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