59-North Podcast Schooner Mahdee & Bootstrap Adventure

Episode 87 of 59-North Podcast is about  Schooner Mahdee & Bootstrap Adventure!
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59 North and Schooner Mahdee

Synopsis: Andy speaks with Brenda of the schooner Mahdee, which is currently berthed in California. Brenda and her husband David got inspired to go sailing in their college years while on a cycling trip around Lake Superior. While perched on a rock high above the lake, they looked at a sailboat on the lake and thought, ‘that’s how we ought to travel!’

Years went by while they traveled and focused on shorter, land-based, adventures. In 2006, they bought and began the 2-1/2 year restoration of the classic 1931 schooner Mahdee and have cruised up and down the west coast between San Diego and Alaska.

Their latest project is Bootstrap Adventure (bootstrapadventure.com), where they’re creating a marketplace for outdoor adventurers to swap gear, knowledge, and share adventures.

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