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Faith Rumm Walking in Muir’s Light

We at Bootstrap Adventure enjoy good follow ups and here's one about what artist and long distance hiker Faith Rumm has experienced since our interview in 2015. We are excited by Faith's travels and productivity with her paintings of the John Muir Trail in her project called Walking in Muir's Light. The John Muir Trail (JMT) is a long-distance trail in the Sierra Nevada mountain... Read More


Presidential Proclamation — Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument Expansion PAPAHĀNAUMOKUĀKEA MARINE NATIONAL MONUMENT EXPANSION BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION Through Proclamation 8031 of June 15, 2006, as amended by Proclamation 8112 of February 28, 2007, the President established the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (Monument), to protect and preserve the marine area of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and the historic and... Read More


Filmaker Mathieu Le Lay put together this short film, WALK THE RIDGE, about the passion of the Australian filmmaker Benjamin Dowie. Ben fell in love with the Alps upon his first visit and decided to return. On the return, he hiked some mountain peaks with Mathieu that neither man had hiked before. The two men hiked four peaks in a few days, alternatively one day... Read More

Random Adventure: Figure Skating a Mountaintop Lake

Amazing. Katrina Lazzarotto seized the opportunity for a random adventure when a friend asked if she would like to go and figure skate around the magnificent mountains of British Columbia. It had been four years since she last skated and she wasn’t a professional skater.  When she started skating on the mountaintop lake, in the awe of her surroundings, skating she found herself.  She states it... Read More

Meet “Chasing Shadows” athlete and HH Ambassador Øystein Aasheim

Source: This story first appeared on Helly Hansen here. As part of this year’s Warren Miller production “Chasing Shadows” we asked HH ambassador Øystein Aasheim to share some memories from filming in Alaska; “Just as we arrived in Cordova, it started snowing, and did so for almost two days straight. I don´t think I´ve ever been as excited as I was at that point; on... Read More

Ocean Vagabonds

Underway with the Ocean Vagabonds: a family of nine who sold everything, bought a sailboat and sailed to Alaska to bootstrap their own adventure.  Watch their video about their quest to live–simply–wandering. Read More

Women and Adventure

Today is International Women’s Day and while the rest of the world marvels about the varied achievements of women, I’d like to simply share some links to sources of inspiration for women interested in adventure.  I’ve already shared a bit here about Grandma Gatewood and on my sailing blog I’ve talked about Beryl Smeeton from time to time.  At any point in life, it is... Read More